ENG 773: Procedures project

Using what you've learned from class discussion and readings, write a set of procedures for software that lacks decent procedural documentation. This software may be traditional desktop applications for the Windows, Macintosh, or Linux platforms; web-based software; or mobile apps for the Android, iOS, or Windows phone or tablet platforms. If you have a hard time coming up with something to write about, you might consider looking at free and open-source software available online. For mobile apps, you could check the app stores for your mobile device for free options.

Once you select software to document for the assignment, you should learn to use its basic features. As you're doing so, put yourself in your users' position. Following the task-orientation approach to software documentation, think about the essential tasks users would want to complete with the software. Because of the limited scope of the project, you will document at least 12 tasks, resulting in at least 12 topics. Pick tasks that have some relationship to one another to form a cohesive project. Likewise, avoid picking tasks that are so similar to one another that you end up essentially writing essentially the steps from one topic to another. Show that you can stretch yourself a bit.

Besides the minimum topic requirement, your project should:

On the due date, you will submit via Blackboard a .zip file that includes your entire project folder and memo. Also be prepared to present and discuss your Help system briefly during the class period following your project submission.