Working with the Head First exercises

When you're working on the coding exercises in the textbook, keep the following ideas and practices in mind:

  1. For the first assignment, complete Chapters 1, 2, and 3 from the Head First HTML and CSS text, and be sure to do your own work on the materials.
  2. For Chapter 1, on your USB flash drive, create a folder titled chapter1. When you get to page 18, create the starbuzz folder inside the chapter1 folder.
  3. Starting on page 46, under the "Creating the New Lounge" heading, download the exercise files from my website instead of from the authors' website. While the authors' website makes these files available, they contain some coding mistakes and unnecessary materials. Our ENG 573/679 webpage contains the only allowable versions of these files for our class.
  4. Unzip each chapter's file, using the course password, and then work with the extracted versions of the materials. In other words, don't work with the files from within the .zip file itself. In fact, the best practice is to delete the .zip versions of the chapter files before working on that chapter's exercises.
  5. Start over for each chapter. In other words, each lessons is self-contained. Even though you'll see the same recurring sites, don't build off of your current files in future lessons.
  6. Use one of the course-approved plain-text editors to complete the exercises. Software such as Dreamweaver isn't allowed in ENG 573/679. In addition, don't try to do your work in a rich-text editor such as Microsoft Word, which isn't suited for the task.
  7. Read the text carefully. Some of the items you'll need to work on are tucked away in notes and asides. Be sure to complete all the exercises. If you skim instead of read the text, you'll end up skipping some exercises, and you'll miss important information. Typically, the items you'll type, add, or modify appear in gray, but this isn't always the case. Also look for words such as "Exercise" or "Sharpen Your Pencil."
  8. Proofread your work, including coding, spelling, etc. Errors and missing exercise files will cost you points. Spelling matters in not only your words but also your code.
  9. Check your work, and note any differences, in the top three most widely used web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Checking in Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge wouldn't hurt either, if you have them available.