English 573/679: Website projects

We have two website projects remaining this semester. You have the option of completing two separate sites or combining your two smaller websites into one larger website. Regardless of the option you choose, you have the same amount of work due at each deadline. In other words, for those completing two projects, your first project is due at the first deadline. If you combine your two projects into one, by the first due date you must turn in the same amount of work as those submitting their first project.

Option 1: Research website

For your first website, take any recent research project you have completed and reenvision it for a non-academic web audience. You must adhere to the principles of good web writing. You can't simply take an existing paper, copy and paste it, and expect it to work. You will need to change headings, paragraph structure, sentence structure, word choice, and so on to meet the unique demands of writing for the web. You should also integrate images, lists, and other features web audiences appreciate.

As much as possible, you should try to use sources you can link to, using appropriate contextual linking. If you can't use web sources, use signal phrases that introduce the authors and the titles of their works. Brief, relevant quotations are allowable. They must be few and vital to the idea being addressed. They must also use the appropriate markup (that is, <q> and <blockquote>) for the type of quotation.

The website should contain a home page and child pages that branch off the home page. It also needs to offer appropriate navigation to help your audience use your site.

ENG 573 students, this site must contain a home page and at least four child pages. ENG 679 students, this site must contain a home page and at least five child pages. Because we're using contextual links, a reference page or page of links does not count toward your minimum page requirement.

You must also complete Option 2, but your page count will differ, as noted below under the Option 2 requirements below.

Option 2: Website of your choosing

Everyone has to complete option 2, but the page requirements will vary, depending on whether you complete two websites or one larger site.

If you use this option to create one larger website, you must still meet the first website deadline. Your page requirement should match those completing Option 1: five webpages (ENG 573) or six webpages (ENG 679). You also should also have a navigation structure in place and your style sheet set up. You can, however, make changes to these items as needed for the second deadline.

For your final website project, you will create a website of your choosing. Your site must meet the course objective of creating an information-based website. It also should demonstrate the practices and principles we've learned about this semester. You have several options for the assignment. You could create a small site for an organization, business, or cause that lacks one. You could create a website for a fictional company but with realistic information. You could also construct a site based on a hobby or interest you have. You could also create a web portfolio, as long as you haven't created one previously or are significantly overhauling it. I'm also willing to entertain additional ideas for the project.

For those doing one larger project: ENG 573 students, this site should include a home page and at least eight subordinate pages. ENG 679 students, this site should include a home page and at least ten subordinate pages.

For those choosing two smaller projects: ENG 573 students, this site should include a home page and at least four subordinate pages. ENG 679 students, this site should include a home page and at least five subordinate pages.

Requirements for the projects

In addition to the requirements above, the pages and site you produce for this project must:

Submission and due dates

These projects have two due dates. The first website or the first portion of the combined website is due November 22. The final website is due on the day of your final exam.

On the due date, you will submit a copy of your site through Blackboard. If possible, we will also be publishing our sites (more to come on this aspect). If publishing works out, in the Comments box in Blackboard, be sure to include the URL for your published site.