Adjustments to Dreamweaver Lesson 13

Please read the following notes and make adjustments to the lessons we're completing in the Dreamweaver text.

Page and step Heading Note
Page 419–26 Setting up a remote FTP site You have free web space through Missouri State, but we use WebDAV instead of FTP. We'll need to use a different method of publishing.

Complete my instructions instead instead of following pages 41926 in the text. We're going to publish the Lesson 13 materials to your site.
Page 426 Cloaking folders and files After completing my instructions for setting up your site via WebDAV, pick back up in the book at the Cloaking folders and files heading.
Page 426, step 4 Cloaking folders and files Also add .ste to the list of cloaked files.
Page 427, step 8 Cloaking folders and files Also cloak the home.html file, which isn't a file you'll publish to the web.
Page 428, step 1 Wrapping things up Remember to create a page based off the template, not merely save the template as a different file. To base start a page from the template, follow these familiar steps:

1. Switch to Design view.
2. Click the Assets tab.
3. Click the Templates button Templates button.
4. Right-click the mygreen_temp entry, and then click New from Template.
Page 429, step 8 Wrapping things up Let's also change the Document Title box. Replace Add Title Here with Welcome to Meridien GreenStart.
Page 430 Putting your site online (optional) Complete this section.
Page 434, step 10 Putting your site online (optional) Your URL is, where emailaddress is your first name or last name and a series of numbers.
Page 435, step 6 Synchronizing local and remote sites If you get tired of scrolling through the endless list of classes in the Class list, you can directly enter the green class by doing the following:

1. Select the word green or Green, as mentioned in the text.
2. Press Ctrl+T (PC) or Command+T (Mac) to open the Quick Tag Editor.
3. In the Wrap tag box, between the two angle brackets, type span class="green" and then press Enter (PC) or Return (Mac).

Inserting the green class through the Quick Tag Editor