Download and install the RoboHelp 2015 lesson files

To complete the lessons in the Adobe RoboHelp 2015: The Essentials textbook, you'll need to download and install the lesson files on either your computer's hard drive (if you're working on your own PC using the RoboHelp trial) or a USB flash drive (if you plan to work in the Siceluff computer lab).

To download and install the lesson files

  1. Using a Windows computer, open a web browser, and go to
  2. After the file downloads, click Run to start the download.

    Note If you don't see a Run button, click the File Explorer button on the taskbar, and then navigate to the Downloads folder. Double-click the RoboHelp2015Data.exe file.
  3. When the Win-Zip Self Extractor window appears, do one of the following:
  4. Click Unzip.

The lesson files will appear in a folder titled RoboHelp2015Data either on your hard drive or your USB flash drive. The book assumes you're working from your computer's hard drive and uses drive letter C: throughout the lessons. If you're working from a USB flash drive, however, whenever the book refers to drive letter C:\, you'll need to substitute your flash drive's drive letter. In the Siceluff lab, USB flash drives are usually assigned drive letter D:\.

If you do plan to work from a USB flash drive, consider using a SanDisk-brand drive. These drives tend to work faster and better with our software this semester than many other brands of drives.