All good things…

Though not what I'd planned at all, I have decided not to return next semester. I apologize profusely to those of you who'd planned to take my classes based on previous courses with me or recommendations from friends. I promise this decision wasn't easy or desired, but it came to be, and that's where we are.

I want to let you students know you made teaching a marvelous experience. Your work, dedication, kindness, conversations, and care have been immeasurably rewarding. You constantly challenged me to be a better teacher and person. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

This doesn't have to be goodbye, though. Yes, you won't find me in my faculty office, but I'll still be around the area. You're always welcome to contact me to ask questions, seek advice, or just catch up. In case my faculty email address expires at some point, you can reach me at michaelstowe@gmail.com.

This entire journey has been about you. You made my teaching career possible and enjoyable. I can't possibly thank you enough for the great past 20+ years!

Mr. Stowe Michael