Fix formatting problems

If you copy and paste information from Word or another program into RoboHelp, you'll end up with style codes that will mess up your formatting. Similarly, if you don't import Word documents properly, you'll end up with formatting problems. You will also see formatting problems if you use any manual formatting in RoboHelp. Any of these issues will override the styles set in the style sheet, because manual formatting codes take precedence in CSS.

Typical problems you will see that result from manual formatting include missing step numbers in the generated output, changes in fonts and font size, improper alignment of items on the screen, and items appearing overlaid on top of one another. If you switch to the HTML view for any topic, you're also likely to see codes that resemble the following image.

Manual formatting codes transferred into RoboHelp

All of the items in the image that appear in yellow and are marked as "class" and "style" indicate problem areas. You'll need to remove all the formatting codes to salvage the document, and the steps below will tell you how.

To fix formatting problems

  1. Open the topic with formatting issues, and switch to Design view.
  2. Click within the topic text, and then press Ctrl+A to select all of the topic text.
  3. On the Edit tab, in the Character group, click Clear Formatting Clear Formatting button.
  4. Delete any extra spaces you see in the topic text.
  5. Click within the main heading, and then on the Edit tab, in the Styles group, click the Paragraph Styles list, and then click Heading 1.
  6. Repeat step 5 for any subheadings, and apply the Heading 2 style.
  7. Repeat step 5 to apply any note styles, user interface styles, and so on, until the topic text is properly formatted.
  8. Select any numbered list, and then reassign
  9. Switch to the HTML view to make sure the code looks significantly cleaner.
  10. Return to the Design view, and then press Ctrl+W to preview your page.

This method should resolve most formatting issues. If you notice any others that this method doesn't fix, send me an email message or visit with me during office hours.