Create a font set

A font set is a list of fonts you want to use in your RoboHelp project. Creating such a list accommodates users who may not have the same fonts installed on their computers. Using a font set gives you a way to provide a hierarchical list of your preferred fonts. The first font in your font set should be your preferred font for the project. The remaining fonts in your font set should include fonts that are more commonly installed on users' computers. The last font in your font set should be a generic category, such as sans-serif, which tells the computer to substitute an appropriate sans serif font if none of the other fonts are available.

When deciding what fonts to use, pick those that work well on screen and are common enough that most people will have them available on their computers. Remember that your users may be using Window PCs, Macs, Linux PCs, Android phones or tablets, iOS phones or tablets, and so on. These operating systems and devices can have different default fonts, so don't assume that because you have a particular font installed that your users will as well. In addition, sans serif fonts tend to make for easier reading on screen. The absence of "feet" on the characters (also known as serifs) and their broader, rounder strokes can make sans serif (meaning without serifs) fonts easier to see and read on screen, especially at smaller sizes. Serif fonts that use wide strokes, however, can also be acceptable.

On most computer systems, the following appropriate fonts are commonly installed and available:

Some computer systems may also have the following fonts. If you use any of the following, it should appear in the first position within your font set so the computer can default to one of the other, more common fonts in your font set in case your preference isn't available:

A font set usually contains three or four fonts in order of preference, from least available to most available. Such a font set might include the following: Segoe UI, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif. Likewise, you could create a font set consisting only of common fonts, such as the following: Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif.

To create a font set

  1. Open any topic in RoboHelp, and then click somewhere within the topic to set the pane as active.
  2. On the Edit tab, in the Character group, click Character Formatting Character Formatting button, and then click Font Sets.
  3. Click New, and then in the Font Set Name box, type an appropriate name for your font set.
  4. In the Available Typefaces list, enter or select your preferred font, and then click Add to add it to the Font Set Selections list.

You can add any font that's not available on your system by typing its name in the Available Typefaces box. Just make sure to spell the font name correctly and exactly as it appears in programs such as Microsoft Word.

  1. Add one or two additional fonts to the Font Set Selections list.

  2. In the Available Typefaces list, type either sans-serif or serif as the last font, depending on the other fonts you've used in your font list, and then click Add. Make sure this generic font category appears as the last font in your Font Set Selections list.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Save your project.

Your font set is now available for you to use in your project style sheet.