Create a new project

When starting a new Help project in Adobe RoboHelp, complete the New Project Wizard dialog box carefully. Pay particular attention to the third box, which determines on what drive and in which folder your project will be stored. If you're working on a computer that resets after each session, saving your project to the hard drive could cause you to lose your work.

To create a new project

  1. Click the Start button, type RoboHelp, and then click the version of RoboHelp you're using for your project.
  2. On the File tab, click New Project.
  3. When the New Project dialog box appears, in the Project Type list, click Blank Project, and then click OKto open the New Project Wizard.
  4. In the Enter the title of this project box, type the name of your new project.
  5. In the Enter the file name for the project box, type a short name for your project.
  6. In the Enter the location for the project box, click the browse for file button Folder button.
  7. In the Look in list, select the drive for your project, and then click Open.

If you want to work from your flash drive, make sure you choose the drive letter associated with your flash drive! If you save your work to the hard disk drive, you will lose your project when you log off!

  1. In the Enter the title of the first topic box, type the name of the first topic you will compose. Your screen should now look something like the following:


  1. Click Finish to create your project in the chosen location.

Once the new project opens in RoboHelp, confirm in the Outputs(SSL) pod which output you wish to use. By default, a new RoboHelp project uses the Responsive HTML5 output, but another format, such as WebHelp, may be more appropriate depending on your subject, audience, and desire to customize the output.

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