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Import and link to a website or wiki in Dreamweaver

You can incorporate websites you have created into your electronic portfolio. Such websites include those created for Writing with Technology II and Writing for the Web. The editing wiki you created for Scientific and Technical Editing works on the same principle.

To import a website or wiki into your web folder

  1. Locate the folder that contains your website or editing wiki.
  2. Right-click the folder, and then click Copy.
  3. Locate the folder for your portfolio on your hard drive or your flash drive.
  4. Double-click your portfolio folder to open it.
  5. Right-click in an empty part of the window, and then click Paste.

To link to the first page of the imported website or wiki

  1. Open the webpage in your portfolio site that you're linking to the imported website.
  2. Type and then select the text for the link.
  3. In the Properties panel, next to the Link box, click the Browse for File Browse for File button button.
  4. Navigate to your portfolio folder, and then double-click the folder containing your website or wiki.
  5. Click the index.html, index.htm, or other webpage that serves as the home page for the website or wiki.
  6. Click OK.
  7. In the Properties panel, set the Target list to _blank.
  8. On the File menu, point to Preview in Browser, and then click a browser to test the link.

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