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Import and link to Help systems

When putting together an electronic portfolio, you should include examples of purely electronic documents, such as Help systems you've created in Adobe RoboHelp. To display a Help system in your electronic portfolio, you should generate your Help system in a web-friendly format, such as WebHelp, Multiscreen HTML5, or Responsive HTML5. WebHelp is a good default choice.

If you haven't generated your project in the newest version of RoboHelp, you should consider doing so, because it may resolve some conflicts between RoboHelp and the current versions of most web browsers. Projects generated in older versions of RoboHelp may not display properly when looking at a local version of your Help system, because of the security policies of some web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. All Help systems appearing in published websites, however, regardless of the version of RoboHelp used, will work just fine. You just may not be able to preview the generated Help system before publishing.

To generate your Help system in WebHelp format in RoboHelp

  1. Open your RoboHelp project in RoboHelp HTML.
  2. In the Single Source Layouts pod, double-click WebHelp.
  3. Click the Navigation category on the left side of the screen.

  4. Select the W3C Compliant and Add Mark of the Web check boxes, and then click Save and Generate.

  5. Close RoboHelp HTML.

To import and link to Help systems in Dreamweaver

  1. Using File Explorer (Windows 8 and Windows 10) or Finder (macOS), open your RoboHelp project folder.

  2. Double-click the !SSL! folder. This folder contains any Help system outputs you've generated.
  3. Right-click the WebHelp folder, and then click Copy.
  4. Using File Explorer (Windows 8 and Windows 10) or Finder (macOS), open your portfolio folder.
  5. Right-click inside a blank area of the window, and then click Paste.
  6. In Dreamweaver, on the project description page, type text that you want to link to the RoboHelp project.
  7. Select the text you wish to establish as the link.
  8. In the Properties panel, click the Browse for File Browse for File button.
  9. Navigate to the index.htm file stored inside the WebHelp folder.

Be careful not to link to the files named index_csh.htm or index_rhc.htm.

  1. In the Properties panel, set the Target list to _blank.

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