Change Captivate styles

As you're working with Captivate, you may want to change the font used for the slide text, for the capture captions, or other text features in your demonstration. Captivate uses styles, so you can format one instance of the style, update the style, and automatically other items throughout the demonstration that use the same style.

To change a style

  1. Select the text box that holds the text you want to reformat.
  2. In the Properties panel, under Character, change any settings to match your preference.

Common settings to change include font, font size, color, and alignment.

  1. With the text box still selected, in the Properties panel, under Style Name, click the menu button, and then click Save Changes to Existing Style.

If Save Changes to Existing Style isn't available, click outside the text box, select the text box again, and the option should be available.