English 473: InDesign project

Using what you have learned about InDesign, you will create your own project using InDesign. I recommend using the CC2015 version, though other versions would work in a pinch if you've already used used up your trial of this release.

You have two options to choose from to complete the assignment.

Option 1: Create a brochure or booklet

For this option, you can either locate a brochure or booklet that needs to be overhauled or create your own document from scratch. Whatever you create, pick a portfolio-appropriate subject. If you redesign a brochure or booklet, the end result should look considerably different from and show obvious improvements over the original. You should also use your writing skills in polishing up the existing copy or in creating new copy. In addition, if you overhaul a document, you need to submit scans of the original material to include with your project.

Option 2: Propose a project

For this option, you may propose your own project to me either in person or via email and then begin working on the project once you've received my approval. The project idea you select should at least equal the amount of work required in the previous option above.


Regardless of the assignment you select, you must do the following:

On the due date, upload a zipped version of your packaged materials to Blackboard.