English 473: Dreamweaver project

Using what you have learned about Dreamweaver, you will create your own site using the software. If you plan to use a trial version, I recommend using Dreamweaver CC 2015. Dreamweaver CC 2014.x (30-day trial) or Dreamweaver CC 2017 (7-day trial) could also work if you've already exhausted your trial of Dreamweaver CC 2015. If you would prefer to use Dreamweaver CC 2015 on your own computer to avoid potential confusion and you have already used up your trial, you have a couple of options: you could install the trial on a second computer, or you could subscribe to the Creative Cloud at the student rate of $19.99 per month.

You have three options to choose from to complete the assignment.

Option 1: Create a web-based portfolio

Nowadays, if you're planning to write as part of your profession, you're going to do some (if not most) of your writing for web distribution. One way to show your online capabilities is to create a web-based portfolio of your work. A web-based, or electronic, portfolio is a website that introduces you, introduces the projects you want to showcase, and then provides links to your projects in an appropriate format. This type of portfolio works well to show your web skills, but it also can house purely electronic projects that are otherwise hard to show in a traditional portfolio. It also can serve as a send-ahead or leave-behind portfolio.

If you decide to pursue this option, I will provide some supporting materials to assist you in constructing the project. If you've previously completed a web-based portfolio for another class or on your own, you may complete a portfolio for this assignment, but you must pick different projects, write different descriptions, and use a new design to be fair to your classmates.

Option 2: Create a website

If you want experience creating a real-world website, you could use this assignment to create project that could potentially be put to use. For instance, perhaps you know a person who needs a site to support his or her small business. Maybe you belong to an organization that needs a site. Perhaps you would like to start a site to promote a hobby or interest. Another possibility is to create a small Intranet site for a business or organization.

Option 3: Revise a website

You might elect to revise an existing website. If you select this option, you would have revise both the content and design significantly. You would need to provide me with the original website (a URL would be fine) so I can compare the original and revised websites and see the extent to which you've overhauled the material.


Regardless of the assignment you select, you must do the following:

On the due date, you will provide a zipped version of your entire site through Blackboard, and in the Blackboard comments box you will supply a link to the published version of your site.