Adjustments to Dreamweaver Lesson 6

Please read the following notes and make adjustments to the lessons we're completing in the Dreamweaver text.

Page and step Heading Note
Page 146, step 4 Creating header content The book has you insert the wording in the <header> element as an <h2> element. Do the task as listed, but realize that starting a webpage with an <h2> is weird and breaks the traditional heading hierarchy, so it's not something you'd want to do in your own sites.
Page 149, step 5 Working with the CSS Designer To help narrow down which selector to choose, under Selectors, type the first few characters in the Filter CSS Rules box.
Page 151, step 8 Working with the CSS Designer The Properties window remained white and editable when I worked on the lesson files.
Page 152, step 12 Working with the CSS Designer The book mentions that you need to click green_styles.css, which is accurate. The book also mentions that the bootstrap.css file is read-only, which isn't accurate. Each time you want to work on styles, be certain you have selected green_styles.css before adding selectors or modifying styles.
Page 154, step 1 Working with Type Make sure your cursor is still located inside the word greenstart at the top of the webpage.
Page 159, step 7 Creating Custom Classes When adding the .logowhite class, change Select a Source to green_styles.css.
Page 160, step 23 Creating Custom Classes Save all files instead, because you've made changes to the style sheet, as well. In fact, you're better off doing a Save All operation every time the book mentions saving a file.
Page 166, step 12 Adding other background effects The book shows two background-image properties to change, but Dreamweaver actually has four. Apply the same url(images/stripe.png), to all four instances of background-image.
Page 168, step 6 Creating a navigation menu If you're prompted to udate the jQuery code, click Yes.
Page 170, after step 20 Creating a navigation menu If you see the Copy Dependent Files dialog box, click OK.
Page 177, after step 11 Styling a navigational menu If you don't see the navigation bar turn blue, do the following:

1. Click Split view.
2. On line 28 or thereabout, look for the code that reads <nav>.
3. Change the opening <nav> tag to read as follows: <nav class="navbar navbar-default">
4. Click in the Live view to see the results.
Page 177, step 16
Styling a navigational menu The selector should read as follows: nav.row .nav.navbar-nav > li > a
Page 181, step 4 Centering the navigation menu Skip step 4.
Page 185, step 21 Building semantic content The selector name should read article.row aside.