Adjustments to Dreamweaver Lesson 14

Please read the following notes and make adjustments to the lessons we're completing in the Dreamweaver text.

Page and step Heading Note
Page 420–28 Defining a remote site Complete my instructions instead instead of following pages 42028 in the text. We're going to publish the Lesson 14 materials to your free space available through Missouri State University. Because the campus uses WebDAV, not FTP, we have to use a different method to publish our websites.
Page 428 Cloaking folders and files After completing my instructions for setting up your site via WebDAV, pick back up in the book at the "Cloaking folders and files" heading.
Page 428, step 4 Cloaking folders and files Also add .ste to the list of cloaked files.
Page 429, step 8 Cloaking folders and files You should also cloak the home.html file, which isn't a file you'll publish to the web.
Page 430, step 1 Wrapping things up In the Document Title box, replace Add Title Here with Welcome to Meridien GreenStart.
Page 432 Putting your site online (optional) We will complete this section.
Page 434, step 7 Putting your site online (optional) You will notice one error message in the log. The student web server doesn't support Ogg Theora video files, so the paris.theora.ogv file won't be published.
Page 435, step 10 Putting your site online (optional) Your URL is, where emailaddress is your first name or last name and a series of numbers.
Page 435, step 11 Putting your site online (optional)

If you notice that your navigation doesn't work for some pages, do the following:

  1. Go back to Dreamweaver.
  2. In the Files panel, open the Templates folder, and then double-click your mygreen_temp.dwt file.
  3. Switch to Design view.
  4. After Add content here, type a space.
  5. On the File menu, click Save All.
  6. When prompted, update the pages based on your template.
  7. Click the Synchronize button, and upload any pages that have changed.