Adjustments to Dreamweaver Lesson 11

Please read the following notes and make adjustments to the lessons we're completing in the Dreamweaver text.

Page and step Heading Note
Page 350, step 8 Creating relative links The screen capture shows the Select File dialog box from a Mac, not the Link field in the Property inspector. The Property inspector will resemble the following image.

Page 351, step 14 Creating relative links You'll have to type the relative link as shown in the book for the Green Travel entry since the webpage doesn't exist.

After completing the step, if you decide to save your work, click Don't Update when prompted to update files based on the template. You'll update child pages in a later section.
Page 360, step 9 Setting up email links Notice that you shouldn't have a space between the colon and Elaine's email address. It should appear as
Page 361, step 4 Creating image-based links using the Element HUD After pasting or typing Elaine's email address, you must press Enter to set the link before pressing Esc to close the HUD.
Page 370 Adding destination links to the same page (optional) Complete this exercise. You need to link only to the name of the ID, because both destinations are on the same page as the link. So you'll link Events to #calendar and Classes to #classes.