Common software tools in the professional workplace

The ability to communicate well is the most important skill a professional can possess. That said, many employers want to hire employees who are also technology-savvy, who can use software and hardware to create and distribute information. The best way to discover employers' expectations is to browse various job ads, especially those related to your field and interests.

This list of computer skills isn't exhaustive. In addition, keep in mind employers won't expect you to know every item presented. But the list provides good examples of programs to mention if you have experience with them. If you have ideas for adding to this list, please let me know.

Operating systems


Graphics and multimedia


Open source


Desktop publishing

Informal publications

Formal publications

Technical publications


Photo and web (raster)

Illustration (vector)

Word processing

Web authoring

Help authoring

Screen capture

Motion capture



Computer languages

Markup languages and related technologies


Project management

Portable Document File creation

CD and DVD mastering


Email and personal information organization

Web browsers

Social media platforms