English 373: Adobe Photoshop project

The Photoshop project has two parts: the Photoshop component, in which you will select and edit photos, and the Word component, in which you will document how you corrected your images.

Photoshop component

Now that you’ve learned techniques for correcting and modifying images, you will apply your new skills to your own images. Consider selecting from 5 to 10 candidate images, because you may find an image doesn't work out as you initially hoped. When you submit your assignment, you will turn in only 3 images for evaluation, which will give you a chance to pick your best work.

Correct your images based on the following criteria:

Word component

In a Word document, write a step-by-step account the process you used to modify each image. Be sure to do the following:

Items to submit

On the due date, you’ll turn in the following materials: