Notes for RoboHelp Module 9 (indeglo)

Please make the following notes about and adjustments to the lessons we're completing in the RoboHelp text.

Page and step Book heading Notes or adjustments
Beginning of the module N/A Set your workspace to Classic.
Page 176, step 7 Student Activity: Run the Smart Index Wizard The number of keywords added may not match the textbook exactly but should be in the ballpark. For example, mine added 144 keywords.
Pages 186–88 Student Activity: Insert a Link Control It's possible you might not see the See Also button appear in your preview or generated versions of the topics. As long as you insert them correctly in RoboHelp, don't worry about not seeing them.
Page 190, step 8, Note Student Activity: Add Custom Search Terms Don't exclude the topic from appearing in the search. The note is for your information only.
Page 197, step 15, Note Glossary Confidence Check Your project will lose its style sheet, as the authors mention in the note. Follow the information in the note to restore the style sheet to your topics before you generate and submit your work on the module.
Page 197 at the end of module   Generate the WebHelp output.