Notes for RoboHelp Module 8 (tables)

Please make the following notes about and adjustments to the lessons we're completing in the RoboHelp text.

Page and step Book heading Notes or adjustments
Beginning of the module N/A Set your workspace to Classic.
Page 154 Tables Confidence Check As you're working with the table content, don't press Enter inside the table cells. Doing so inserts a paragraph inside the cells, causing both the cells and their rows to be larger than necessary.
Page 160, before step 2 Another Tables Confidence Check Select the caption before starting step 2.
Pages 161–62 Another Tables Confidence Check Don't complete steps 15–22.
Page 172, step 3 Student Activity: Edit a List Style After step 3, reopen the policies.css file, and then from the Multilevel List group, click the Indent List button twice. Without doing so, the numbered list appears aligned with the paragraph text, when it should have a left margin of its own.
Page 172, at the end of the module   Generate the WebHelp output.