Notes for RoboHelp Module 7a (conditional_build_tags)

Please make the following notes about and adjustments to the lessons we're completing in the RoboHelp text.

Page and step Book heading Notes or adjustments
Beginning of the module N/A Set your workspace to Classic.
Page 126, step 1 Student Activity: Create a Conditional Build Tag When you open the .xpj file, click Upgrade to upgrade the material to RoboHelp 2015 format.
Pages 126–34 Build Tags Complete all your work for this part of the module in the conditional_build_tags folder.
Page 134, step 19 Build Expressions Confidence Check By the end of this page, make sure you have saved and generated two layouts: SSSEast and SSSWest. You don't need to generate WebHelp.

Close the conditional_build_tags project before moving to page 135. To close the project, click the File tab, and then click Close Project.