Notes for RoboHelp Module 3 (css)

Please make the following notes about and adjustments to the lessons we're completing in the RoboHelp text. E-book users, use the Book heading column to keep track of where to make notes or adjustments.

Page and step Book heading Note or adjustment
Beginning of the module N/A Set your workspace to Classic.
Page 42, step 1 Student Activity: Create Project Folders When you open the .xpj file, click Upgrade to upgrade the material to RoboHelp 2015 format.
Page 53, step 4 Styles Confidence Check To close all topics, right-click any topic tab, and then click Close All.
Page 63, step 5 Student Activity: Create a Character Style Generating your work
Don't close the project yet. Starting with this module, you'll be generating your work, which creates an output that anyone can view through a web browser on any computer. To generate the output for this module, do the following:
  1. In the Outputs(SSL) pod, right-click the WebHelp output, and then click Set as Primary Output.
  2. Right-click the WebHelp output, and then click Generate.
  3. Click Save and Generate.
  4. Click View Result to view your work in the computer's default web browser.
  5. Close the browser.
  6. Save your work in RoboHelp.
  7. On the File tab, click Close Project to close the CSS project.
Viewing outputs through any web browser
Outputs are stored inside the project folder inside another folder labeled !SSL! Again, you or anyone else can view the content using any computer and any web browser. If you'd like to view your output again, do the following:
  1. Open File Explorer (on a Windows PC) or Finder (on a Mac).
  2. Navigate to your RoboHelp2015Data folder.
  3. Open the RoboHelpProjects folder.
  4. Open the css folder.
  5. Open the !SSL! folder.
  6. Open the WebHelp folder.
  7. Double-click the index.htm file, which will open the output in your computer's default web browser.