Notes for RoboHelp Module 2 (policies)

If you have not downloaded the exercise files from the textbook yet, you need to do so using the following link:

Please make the following notes about and adjustments to the lessons we're completing in the RoboHelp text. E-book users, use the Book heading column to keep track of where to make notes or adjustments.

Page and step Book heading Note or adjustment
Page 25, step 5 Student Activity: Create a Blank Project Instead of clicking the NoClutter workspace, in the Workspace menu, click Classic.
Page 28, step 3 Student Activity: Create a New Topic Note that you'll press press Enter only once after typing Super Simple Tactics....
Page 34 FrameMaker Content Don't import the FrameMaker document. Instead, import the Nondiscrimination Policy topic as a Word document. Follow the previous steps for importing Word documents, and import the nondiscrimination.doc file, which you'll find inside the content folder and then inside the noFrameMaker folder.
Page 36, step 1 Topics Confidence Check Because you imported the Nondiscrimination Policy topic as a Word file, the file name for the Nondiscrimination Policy topic will be nondiscrimination.htm instead of Nondiscrimination_Policy.htm.
Page 38, step 4 Student Activity: Replace an HTML Tag Be sure to include the semicolon in the Find what box, as shown in the screen capture.
Page 39, step 6 Student Activity: Replace an HTML Tag To close the project without closing RoboHelp, click the File tab, and then click Close Project.